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Key Features


Map Data

Geocode your Accounts, Contacts and Leads to be displayed on Google Maps via record page and list views – including list views for Opportunities and Cases.
Also customize which record information should be shown in the info-window on Google Maps.


Find Nearby Search

Search for Accounts, Contacts, Leads or in combination. Define your search radius (Distance) from your initial location.
Furthermore, you can refine your search by setting filter criteria for each record. Save this criteria for reuse.


Create Routes

Create routes with multiple locations out of your search results and list views. Add items via map view or the additional list view with your search results.
Get detailed driving instructions on your route and share it via email.


Save Routes

Save your route for later reusage. Optionally create an event in the same step. You can create calendar entries for the route as a whole or multiple entries, one for each location on the map.
The resulting calendar entry is then linked to the route, for easy access.

View your Accounts, Contacts and Leads on Google Maps within Salesforce and use a wide range of personalized features for route planning:

Visualize, search and filter all your sales & marketing data in Google Maps and run a find nearby search. You can easily plan and save tours, no matter
whether you are travelling on the road or working in the office.

tourManager24 is an easy-to-use mapping tool. It provides solutions enabling you to optimize sales and service planning as well as trip organization and management. It is designed for international usage and offers great value and benefit for your field staff.

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  • Map Accounts, Contacts, Leads
  • Map directly from List View
  • Proximity Search
  • Additional, customizable Filter criteria
  • Arrange Routes, rearrange Routes
  • Save Routes and create associated Events
  • Send routing information by email
  • CSV Export of Search Results
  • Google Maps Visualizations

The tourManager24 app is upgraded several times a year. The current versions of all documentation can be downloaded by clicking the respective links. We also offer 1-1 websessions in order to support users during the installation and setup process.



Pricing Anchor



*Discount valid for the first year



up to 10 users

EUR 8,90

per user/per month

billed annually



11-50 users

EUR 7,90

per user/per month

billed annually



+50 users

EUR 6,90

per user/per month

billed annually

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